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Project Description
The Dynamic Grid Data Type for Umbraco is a custom ASCX/C# control that was created to store tabular data as an Umbraco "Data Type". There's an ability to add/remove rows/columns and it writes the whole grid to the database as an XML string. All done via UpdatePanels.

Changes in Renamed nodes when stored from "NewDataSet" and "Dimensions" to "Data" and "Row". If you refer to "NewDataSet" and / or "Dimensions" in XSLT, make sure to update.

  • Package control as an Umbraco Package (partway there - see documentation)
  • Create an Umbraco XSLT Extension to convert the XML to an HTML table so it can be displayed on the front-end.
  • Allow adding more than one instance of Dynamic Grid Data in a single Document Type
  • User-configurable default column names done

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